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Imagine starting every morning with a smile and an automatic pep in your step.  You're motivated to seize the day. Your skin is looking great, less hair in the bathroom sink, and most of all - you're happy because you're healthy. Your self-confidence is supercharged and it's positively driving your productivity and relationships. Believe it or not, this limitless feeling can be attained without a limitless drug. So, how then? 


Well, by taking in the right nutrients and in the right amounts.

But you can't just take a handful of spinach, dump it into a blender and expect rapid results. Concentrated food combinations are the secret to success.

A good greens powder is carefully crafted to ensure every ingredient is properly paired to allow the body to extract a maximum amount nutrients.

Food combinations play a large role in your body's ability to digest and break down vitamins and minerals. For example, spinach and strawberries. The vitamin-C in strawberries will help the body absorb the iron in spinach more efficiently. It's critical that you combine the right foods if you want to slow the aging process, detoxify, increase energy levels, enhance good mood, and clear your skin. Each vitamin and mineral has a different impact on your body. 

We'll show you how to blend, shake, and stir your way to unleashing your inner Wonder Woman.  

A quick note before we get started - please be sure to follow recipes as they're listed. Altering instructions without also readjusting nutrients may not produce expected results. Each of these power beauty drinks were designed for a specific set of outcomes. With that out of the way...Let's break it down! 


1) Take down at least two of these recipes per day for 2 weeks. Have one before noon and the other as a replacement for dinner. Feel free to mix them up or have the same one everyday, it's your call.

2) Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night

3) Drink lots of water throughout the day

Do this for 2 weeks and assess if you'd like to continue for another 2 weeks based on results. You should begin to notice a significant decrease in weight and waist size, less dirt and oil in skin pores, more energy throughout the day, and reduction in hair falling out. 

The most important thing here is ensuring you are consistent in your nutrient intake with each meal. That means no healthy drink for breakfast and then pizza for lunch. That is a no-no. You must eat clean in order to achieve rapid and noticeable changes (and the longer your discipline is maintained, the sooner you'll see results).  

Recipes are broken into two sections: AM & PM


AM juices and smoothies are designed to give you a kick in the ass, fire up your brain, retain muscle tissue, and begin/continue detoxification. Also, chances are you had some acidic foods yesterday (i.e. meat, dairy, eggs, etc) and we want to continue working on neutralizing your pH levels.


Hmm. Let's see if this can convince you. 

Diseases, illnesses and villainous bacteria thrive in acidic environments. It's in your best interest to neutralize pH levels as quickly and often as possible. After all, the body's natural state is an alkaline one. That being said, we don't believe in keeping ourselves in a 100% alkaline state. Acidic foods have much to offer (i.e. protein, iron, etc.), the key is maintaining balance. 

[INSERT IMAGE of 7.36 = pH Balance]



PM recipes will be more smoothie and less juice. Replacing dinner isn't easy, it's when many people sit down to socialize and enjoy a meal with someone. The rest of us eat cold chicken over the kitchen sink...alone. Furthermore, proper calorie intake can be tricky here since there isn't any solid food to help achieve daily intake goals. Either way, everyone will have to get on the nourishing smoothie bandwagon for this one. 

We'll look to ramp up nutrients to help detoxify the body while we're in the resting stage, improve digestion, and retain muscle tissue (recurring theme).


The perfect alkaline green superfood, hormone-free & organic protein powder, and detox supplements can be found in The Ensemble (Halo, Healix, and Alkamist)

There's no question, simplicity is key to releasing your inner goddess. Swhey's new line is a multitasking miracle that has been formulated to help achieve a happy, healthy, and beautiful you. 

Is there a woman that hasn't run into her favorite beauty store and separately into a nutrition store, all in pursuit of her appearance?

"It isn't about looking nice for others, we make these efforts to boost our self-confidence. We want to feel confident at work because it makes us more productive. We want to feel confident at home because it makes us better partners and parents. We want to feel more confident in front of the mirror because it makes us feel powerful and helps us achieve more," said Amanda Carlson, a psychologist and women's career coach. 

Swhey is doing just that with half the expense. "They've specially formulated their products to not only help with inner health and weight-loss, their products help clear up skin so makeup looks flawless and keeps you in a happy mindset so you always feel confident about yourself," said Kelly O'Mara, a repeat customer of Swhey. The Ensemble Body Bundle is designed to address your mind, body, and beauty....all in one!

Beauty From The Inside Out!

As Kristin McGee mentioned, each product is packaged beautifully. Great care and detail was given to every aspect of its design. Swhey's mission is to enhance beauty from the inside out, so they made sure to exhibit the same in their product and packaging. Not only will you experience the highest quality organic supplements the market has to offer, but its beauty is hard to miss on the outside: beauty from the inside out :)

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