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You acknowledge the nutritional value of green juices and protein shakes and the role they play in your daily wellness (wellness is a broad term but for our sake, it refers to beauty, weight, and happiness). You've also read numerous reviews and testimonials about the latest fad diet and how successful it's been for some people. You try it to lose a few pounds but ultimately end up where you started. What are you doing wrong? Did you miss something? 

We'll discuss a few fundamental tweaks you can make to boost your wellness progress. Best yet, these principals can be integrated with most diet and fitness regimens to create a powerful lifestyle change.

Note: some of these tips may seem all too familiar but the key is implementing most if not all of them simultaneously. 

1. Sleep - You've heard this one a million times and that's exactly why we're putting it at the top of the list. Sleep is commonly cited because no matter how much people hear it, they still don't get enough of it. Your body goes into repair mode while you sleep. Removal of oils, dirt, muscle tissue repair, etc. Combining 7 to 8 hours of sleep with the proper nutrition program will accelerate your body + mind results. Promise!

2. Increase Lean Protein - From a sit down meal perspective, lean proteins are the wonder food. End. Of. Story. Also, depending on the source of the protein, you will produce shiny hair, strong nails, clear & tightened skin, and a slim waist. Look for foods to add onto your daily amino acid intake. Boiled/steamed/grilled chicken is the most boring of all foods but contains superpowers you won't find anywhere else. That being said, you can only eat so much chicken everyday. So how do you supplement your daily protein allowance? Protein shakes! But not any ole powder will do. Look for brands that produce their protein powder from organic sources, everything else can be kind of sketchy. It's also beneficial to have a blend that incorporates superfoods for the additional nutritional value. This will be a huge factor in cleaning up your skin as well as slimming your waist. Take a look at HALO's ingredients panel, it's all organic and supercharged with organic ingredients like raw cacao, Pink Himalayan Salt, coconut, sacha inchi, brown rice protein, etc. It comes packed with your full amino acid profile, too :)

How much protein you take in will depend on your goal. That being said, you should aim to take in .8 grams to 1 gram of protein for every pound that you weigh. 

3. Move - Don't care what, where, or how you do it, just move. Keep getting up to circle around your cubicle, go to the bathroom even if you don't have to "go", get up and get some water, walk to the farthest restaurant for lunch, take the stairs. This is called supplementary calorie burn. It's makes up the short bursts of calorie burn outside your BMR and whatever you burn at the gym. Believe it or not, these calories add up. It also helps develop a new habit and in turn, a new lifestyle. 

4. Roots - Ginger, dandelion root, chlorella, spirulina. This isn't an exhaustive list but these ingredients are on the front line of clear skin. How so? They work to cleanse your liver, which produces a bile. Said bile travels into your digestive system and works its way out to help clean your skin. Want glowing skin? Chowing down on this stuff makes it happen. Healix incorporates each of these and has received some pretty great reviews!

5. Multivitamins - This is a hot topic! There's been a ton of research as of late that looks into the effectiveness of multivitamins. Are they worth it? Do they actually work? The debate hasn't been settled yet but research is strongly indicating that multivitamins work if they come from a clean source. Additionally, multivitamin powders are exponentially more effective and bearable due to their flexibility in flavor (as compared to pills). Alkamist is a superb example of a green superfood powder that crushes the competition from a multivitamin perspective. It's comprised of 34 organic alkaline ingredients (fruits, vegetables, & mushrooms), each that plays a vital role in supplementing vitamins and minerals for detoxing your body, rebalancing pH levels, boosting good mood, producing shiny hair, and clearing up skin.

A recent focus group referred to The Ensemble (Halo, Healix, and Alkamist) as "The Ferrari of Nutritional Supplements"

There's no question, simplicity is key to releasing your inner goddess. Swhey's new line is a multitasking miracle that has been formulated to help achieve a happy, healthy, and beautiful you. 

Is there a woman that hasn't run into her favorite beauty store and separately into a nutrition store, all in pursuit of her appearance?

"It isn't about looking nice for others, we make these efforts to boost our self-confidence. We want to feel confident at work because it makes us more productive. We want to feel confident at home because it makes us better partners and parents. We want to feel more confident in front of the mirror because it makes us feel powerful and helps us achieve more," said Amanda Carlson, a psychologist and women's career coach. 

Swhey is doing just that with half the expense. "They've specially formulated their products to not only help with inner health and weight-loss, their products help clear up skin so makeup looks flawless and keeps you in a happy mindset so you always feel confident about yourself," said Kelly O'Mara, a repeat customer of Swhey. The Ensemble Body Bundle is designed to address your mind, body, and beauty....all in one!

Here's what celebrity yoga instructor Kristin McGee had to say about Swhey:


Kristin McGee Loves Swhey!

I’m always on the look out for a good protein powder; and like to have some on hand at all times. Protein powder is one the easiest ways to get a serious boost of nutrition and protein in one shot. As a nursing mom of twins, I could use all of the help I can get these days. I need something to fuel my energy, help me stay sated and give me beneficial vitamins and minerals. A good protein powder can be made in to a yummy smoothie super quick, added to oatmeal to up the protein content, used in baked goods, or used for pancakes or waffles (eggs, banana, protein powder and baking powder).

Protein powders can come in many forms. Some are made from whey protein, others are made from soy, some are a combo of soy and whey and others are plant based made from pea protein or brown rice. I used to drink mainly protein shakes made from whey which blends the smoothest and has the least chalky taste. I’m not a huge fan of soy protein isolate, and the plant based variations can sometimes be a little gritty; but I think the plant based proteins are some of the healthiest and least likely to upset those with any allergies.

Swhey makes a beautiful new organic protein powder, HALO, that’s made up of a combo of whey, brown rice and sacha inchi protein. Not only does Swhey taste delicious, it has a complete amino acid profile, promotes collagen, supports tissue repair and lean muscle formation, and increases the metabolism. Swhey’s Halo is organic and ethically sourced; and most important, tasty! The chocolate is super delicious without being overly sweet. I like how well it blends and makes the perfect frothy smoothie. I add half a frozen banana, a teaspoon of nut butter, three to four ice cubes and a handful of blueberries to make a super yummy shake. I also often add it to my oatmeal in the morning with some cinnamon and walnuts.

Swhey also makes an alkalizing green mix, THE ALKAMIST, made up of greens, fruit and fiber. A scoop of the greens can help support healthy skin and hair, promote immune and antioxidant defense, reduce toxins and help boost your mood. I like the taste and often add it to my protein shake, or just mix it with water. It’s hard to get all of my greens in through veggies alone, I like knowing I’m covered when I take a scoop each day.

I love the Swhey packaging, it feels so light and fresh, exactly the way I feel after using the products. I also have a jar of the HEALIX for detoxing and liver support but I’m going to hold off on taking them until I’m done nursing and hope it helps aid me in losing those last few pregnancy lbs I gained. There’s nothing artificial in any of the products, the Healix is made up of organic chlorella, organic garlic, organic ginger root, organic spirulina, organic dandelion root, and organic jerusalem artichoke extract. It helps with regulating the digestive system and strengthening the immune system as well as reducing toxins from the body.

Whenever I find a new product or products I love, I always want to share them with my family, friends and followers. I always say beauty comes from within; and yoga helps remind us to take a holistic approach when it comes to being healthy. That’s why I am in love with Swhey all natural, organic nutrition that inspires beauty from the inside out!

Beauty From The Inside Out!

As Kristin McGee mentioned, each product is packaged beautifully. Great care and detail was given to every aspect of its design. Swhey's mission is to enhance beauty from the inside out, so they made sure to exhibit the same in their product and packaging. Not only will you experience the highest quality organic supplements the market has to offer, but its beauty is hard to miss on the outside: beauty from the inside out :)

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