A Crusade for the Perfect Protein Drink | An Honest Review of Halo | Swhey

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"I've tried a lot of different protein drinks over the years. Some were better than others, but they all seemed to have that same chalkiness to them. I was on a quest to find one without that weird aftertaste for the longest time.

The health food store was overwhelming. It was all those huge tubs lining the shelves and big bulky guys behind the counter. I was secretly intimidated by them and just nodded in agreement as they explained the benefits of whatever protein powder they were selling me. They used a lot of big words that might as well have been Chinese.

Then I stumbled across HALO. Not gonna lie. I was skeptical about this whole ‘inspiring beauty from the inside out’ idea. But the price was fair, it boasted an impressive list of superfood ingredients that I recognized (and wasn't eating as much as I should be.) So I decided to give it a shot.

Oh. My. God.

Well if the aroma when you open the container doesn't get you, the taste totally will. I literally paused and stared at my glass after the first sip. It's like a big portion of chocolate cinnamon deliciousness. And now it’s my daily breakfast, which is amazing since I chase a 1-year- old around the house and have zero time to actually cook. But there's still this whole beauty thing. I still thought that it might be nonsense.

It's not nonsense. It's incredible.

I started feeling more energetic. My skin was glowing. Like pregnancy glowing. And while my diet has always been good, a lot of important nutrients were missing from it. So HALO is my go-to for that.

My advice? Give it a try. I'd put money on that you'll love it as much as I do."

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