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If you're into yoga at all right now you've probably already heard of beer yoga. Yoga is a spiritual practice and a workout, but adding beer to the mix isn't as strange as you might think.

What started at the Burning Man festival in the United States has quickly become an international phenomenon.

The practice is pretty simple. A yoga class is taught, but participants use a bottle of beer during their poses. Sometimes you take a drink, sometimes you hold the bottle in poses without dropping it, other times you'll be expected to balance it on your head while doing a pose. Either way, it makes the class a little more challenging than normal, either because you're a bit buzzed or due to the awkwardness of holding an ice cold bottle while you're trying to concentrate on posture.

Image: Facebook/Bieryoga

There's nothing wrong with a little alcohol and spirituality, though. Monks have been brewers for centuries and the reason behind why some brew may surprise you. Beer was often used as the drink of choice as a source of calories and nutrition while they were fasting and avoiding solid foods.

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