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Craving some time to relax? When your brain is in overload and you’re ready to pull your hair out, it’s time to take a little step back and find some ‘me’ time. If you’re stumped on how to do it, we’ve got you covered with these won’t-break-the-bank ways to easily kick back and rejuvenate.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are an all-natural way to soothe a variety of ailments, one of which is stress. Lavender is known for its relaxing effects, and is even said to reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood. We love it in a bath, but rubbing a dash on your hands and inhaling works just as well.


Help Someone Else

Try pushing your stress aside by spreading some love to someone else. From the littlest of tasks to major ones, helping another person out is super rewarding. And in addition to that warm and fuzzy feeling, it’s likely to help get your mind off whatever is bugging you. Major win all around.


Green Tea

Think of this as an alternative to winding down the day with a glass of wine -- but without the extra calories. Green tea is chock-full of health benefits, but the most important one in this case is its anti-anxiety effects. We love it best served hot.



No need for anything fancy. If you've got a favorite space that's private, you're set. Take a seat, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths to clear your mind. A scented candle or two may kick the mood up a notch, but it's definitely not necessary.

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