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Move over gooey cookies and decadent cakes, it’s time to get down to business and make sure healthy habits are sticking. But before you start thinking that you’ll have to say goodbye to dessert, check out these options. We promise to satisfy your sweet tooth, but without compromising a healthy diet.


Mangos and Cherries

Fruits like mangos and cherries can kick the craving for candy and cupcakes because they’re higher in natural sugar. Fresh is always better than frozen, but in this instance consider the later. Just because it lasts longer that way.


Greek Yogurt

Start by picking up the plain kind. It’s low in sugar but that’s a good thing, because the trick to this dessert is to control the sweet factor yourself. Start by adding in a natural sweetener like honey or agave, then complement it with a topping. We love it with pomegranate seeds.


Coconut Water and Strawberries

Coconuts are naturally sweet, not to mention a great source of electrolytes, so it’s a win-win all around. Add in a side of fresh strawberries sprinkled with a touch of unsweetened coconut shavings.


Dark Chocolate

Besides being downright delish, dark chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering bad cholesterol. Make sure to pick up a high-quality bar that is at least 60-70% pure cacao. Careful with your portion sizes though; limit it to two squares of your bar.


If you’ve got some healthy, can’t-live-without dessert ideas, we want to hear about them. Drop us a note below.


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