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You know that moment when you discover stubble on your legs when it seems like you just shaved them? It can be a total downer. That’s why we decided to test a few shaving routines to see what worked best. We found this strategy resulted in the smoothest, bikini ready legs.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Think of exfoliating like working with a blank canvas that you're getting ready to paint on. It takes a great base to get killer results. We love starting a shaving regime with Frank Body Coffee Scrub. Coffee is a great natural exfoliant, plus this one smells pretty awesome. Your legs will definitely wake up!


Temperature Is Everything

Shave with warm water. Water that's too hot will shock your legs, and water that’s too cool encourages goosebumps.


Check Your Blades

It only takes one dull razor to get yourself subpar feeling legs or worse, lots of nicked skin (that's oh-so-not sexy!) So choose your blades carefully. We think some men’s razors do an amazing job, so don't overlook those options the next time you're looking for a replacement.


It’s Showtime

Now that you've prepped your legs, found the right water temperature, and bought the perfect razor, it’s time for the main event. Lather up with your favorite shave gel, then go for soft, smooth strokes, making sure to take your time as you go. Nothing is worse than missing a spot after you've made such a great effort to get flawless legs.


The Finishing Touch

Don’t forget to moisturize your legs before slipping into your skinny jeans or pajamas. And don't limit yourself to just creams. Coconut oil is an all-natural choice that's inexpensive, offers a subtle scent you just can't help but love, and has an impressive list of uses that goes well beyond just getting super soft legs.


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