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Sometimes the kitchen can be your worst enemy. You know...that moment when you wander around for a snack at 9pm and end up wrecking what was otherwise a successful day of making healthy choices. We realize just how frustrating that can be, so we’ve compiled some need-to-know tips for keeping yourself in check.


Tip 1: Maintain a Limited Pantry

Whatever your weakness may be, keep no more than one serving of it in your house at a time. That way you won’t feel like you’re totally depriving yourself, but you’re not sabotaging yourself either. It may impact your significant other or roomie, but the reality is you’re doing them a favor too.


Tip 2: Shop Wisely

If your housemate insists on keeping things in the house for him/herself that will tempt you, make a compromise. If s/he likes ice cream, buy a flavor that they like, but you don’t.


Tip 3: Drink Some Water

It’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger, so before you reach for something to eat, drink some H2O instead. Avoid other temptations in the kitchen by asking someone to get it for you. Or even better, keep bottled water with you.


Tip 4: Stay Accountable

Treat your kitchen like a restaurant: at some point, it closes all together. Set a cut-off time and hold yourself accountable. Or if that’s a challenge, ask your significant other for some help. You can even incentivize yourself for sticking to the plan with a little something special at the end of the week.


Tip 5: Time Dinner Accordingly

Even though finishing dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime is ideal, it’s not always realistic and may even leave you going to bed hungry - or heading to the kitchen for something to munch on. Plan your meal at a time that will keep you satisfied - but not stuffed - by the time you hit the sack.

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