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Most people who start doing yoga do it from a purely fitness oriented mindset. They want the added flexibility, they want the weight loss benefits, and they just want to be physically better. However, what many people are often surprised about is how starting yoga can have a tremendous effect on their quality of life beyond the physical and actually help make someone a better person. Here are some of the interesting ways that yoga can help to make you a better person.

Accepting Limitations and Learning to Overcome Them

When you practice yoga there are stages that the person practicing must go through. The longer you practice yoga the more advanced the poses become. Sometimes you will try a pose before you are ready. You may find yourself initially frustrated by this. You may find that it takes considerably longer to master than other poses you may have done. Eventually, however, you come to accept that you are not ready to tackle that pose...yet.

When you learn to accept a limitation you take the first step towards being able to overcome it. You start to take the incremental steps necessary to finally overcome that limitation. This is a practice that can be carried over into your day to day life beyond the yoga mat. Whether you are quitting smoking, trying to practice better spending habits, or trying to perform better at work, the principle you learn practicing yoga is applicable. It is all about mindset.

Patience Becomes Second Nature

Certain poses require you to be able to hold them for longer periods of time. This creates adequate time for the body to stretch properly. This can initially be strenuous, especially if you are used to constantly being on the go. However, over time, you come to not mind the waiting as much. As time goes on you find that, surprisingly enough, that you have developed patience in other areas of your life. Suddenly you don't mind waiting an extra few minutes for your order at a restaurants.

Giving Up Ceases to Be an Option

One of the hardest things to do when you start practicing yoga is to stick with it. Sometimes you encounter a pose that is just too difficult to the point of being frustrating. Sometimes you just don't feel like pulling out the mat. And sometimes you just feel like giving up. However, as time goes on you find that quitting is no longer an option for you. Seeing things through becomes second nature. When you encounter a frustrating setback you do not let the frustration get the better of you. Instead you simply work up to the problem or change your approach. Yoga is about accepting failure as not only temporary, but a torch that shows you the path to success.


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