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We’re debunking the myth that the word ‘superfood’ is just trendy or a marketing ploy to make something more expensive. Superfoods actually are pretty super, and deserving of their name. And that’s because they’re packed with all sorts of nutrients that keep you feeling good. These are just a few of our can’t-live-without favorites.



You really can’t go wrong with any leafy green, but kale tops the list. That’s because it has a killer amount of virus-fighting antioxidants and is an awesome source of vitamins C, A, and K, not to mention fiber, iron, and calcium. There are even studies out there that connect the good stuff in kale (the list just keeps going!) with decreased cancer risk.


Goji Berries

These little berries come with BIG benefits. You’ll want to incorporate goji berries into your diet especially if cold winter weather is heading your way. That’s because the vitamins may help boost your immune system. A possible side effect? Some high-quality sleep.



There’s more than double the amount of protein in spirulina than in a flank steak, but with no risk of clogged arteries, so keep this algae on your food list. A dose of spirulina can help you feel full longer, and provides an extra kick of energy (no excuse for skipping that workout now!)


The list of superfoods goes on, and what’s pretty cool is how special they each are in their own way. So stay tuned for our next installment, and be sure to start adding some of this goodness to your diet #theswheyway


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