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Even if money can’t buy happiness, more of it is often at the top of almost everyone’s wish list. Whether your budget management skills could be in need of improvement or you’re questioning whether you can actually have a social life on your current salary, you’ll find that with a bit of maneuvering and clever thinking, personal fulfillment is always within reach.

Entry Level

No need to settle into your childhood bedroom just yet. But to snag an apartment, having a roommate or two is going to make things an awfully lot easier financially (and likely necessary.) Added bonus: you get a built in buddy to hit the bar with.

Even saving is feasible with a bit of creativity. Take a look at what’s in your wallet at the end of the day, then set aside any singles to deposit into an account. If that’s still tough, use the same strategy with pocket change.

Middle Management

With a little more disposable income, now you’ve got some choices. Get your own apartment. Go on a few weekend jaunts with your man. Spoil yourself with things that make you feel good. A girl’s night out can mean sushi and a movie instead of dollar tacos.

And don’t forget to continue building your nest egg. We recommend setting up automatic transfers from checking to savings on pay day so you don’t feel like your fun money is taking a hit.

Executive Status

If you’re not already a homeowner, you’re likely an attractive candidate for a mortgage now. Spruce up your digs with upgraded furniture, look for a new car (we know you’re craving those seat warmers in the winter!), plan a few vacations, and spoil yourself with a housekeeper. And if you’re not already investing in a 401K plan, there’s no better time than the present to get started.

How do you make the most of your salary? We want to know!

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