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Swhey / pronounced sway / is a new type of nutrition brand that inspires your allure from the inside. More specifically, self-confidence. Swhey products were formulated by the industry's leading experts with over 100 years of experience to bring you an organic and ethically sourced blend to help you unleash the WONDER WOMAN you were meant to be.

Our founders come from a diverse background of experience and leadership. The company was steadfastly formed after careful and meticulous research into market trends. There were a few very disturbing trends that stood out. 

1) Many leading nutritional supplement brands tend to practice gender stereotypes. Women's supplements are often packaged in pink jars and labels. 

2) Supplements available on the market still don't address the real need of everyday working women.

"Swhey knows that not every woman is an extreme athlete or fond of pink. From the product on the inside to the groundbreaking packaging design on the outside - Swhey understands that to successfully help YOU stand out, we must do the same for ourselves."  - Sam Shah, Founder

A busy life is no longer an excuse to be the best you. We've formulated our products to help you achieve more energy, clear skin, good mood, and a slimmer waist. 

Beauty is born on the inside, meaning if we feed it right, it’ll have the best possible chance of performing to the best of it’s beautiful ability. We’re not here to change the wellness industry (but we may just end up doing that). Instead, we want to change the look of it. By complementing your existing diet, we’re finding a way for beauty to meet nutrition.

Including #theswheyway as part of your daily beauty routine will ensure you’re satisfying cravings and making your day that little bit easier.