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Do you have fitness, health, and/or Beauty Product traffic (Website, blog, social, etc.)? If so join the Swhey Affiliate program and earn 15%CPS (Cost Per Sale) on every qualified buyer you recommend. We have optimized our site for high conversion rates and our products are innovative in beauty & nutrition, which all translates to more money in your pocket.


Since you were a kid you’ve been told “you are what you eat”, because we all know looking good and feeling good starts from the inside. So why is it when you walk into a store like Sephora or Ulta - everything you see is a topical solution to beauty? The beauty industry is ignoring proper nutrition, but not anymore!

SWHEY is bridging the gap between Beauty and Nutrition, because after all…you are what you eat and drink…


Swhey’s product line:

  • HALO – An Organic Protein Superfood (Reduce Cravings | Muscle Recovery)
  • HEALIX – An Organic Detox Treatment (Detoxification | Eliminate Toxins)
  • ALKAMIST – Alkalizing Greens & Berries (Glowing Skin | Increase Metabolism)

Ready to change the beauty industry from the inside out?


Program highlights include:

  • Earn a very robust 15% CPS commission
  • Promote the highest quality plant-based supplements
  • Promo code use to offer your visitors
  • Be part of Swhey’s success and fast growing culture of changing the beauty/nutrition industry
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Regularly updated creatives
  • Bundle promotion (The Ensemble) that goes to a dedicated landing page for higher conversion rates
  • Secure shopping experience
  • Personal affiliate manager with a direct relationship to the advertiser. We are dedicated to your success!