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The ingredients you put in your body are as important as the products you put on your skin. That’s why at swhey, we responsibly & ethically source our ingredients from a variety of farms & vendors around the world. 


Looks like a clover, tastes like health.


A legume, keeping you regular and a good mood booster. Win win.


Warning: Stains your clothes, tastes a little like dirt but is good for your insides.

Brown Rice

Considered a wholegrain, meaning it must be good for you.

Fair Trade Cocoa

A healthy chocolate. Enough said.

Goji Berry

High in iron, low in fat & taste like lollies.

Gotu Kola

Literally helps to clear your skin & your mind.


It’s a superfood, duh.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Naturally formed & pink, the minerals in the sodium work in synergy.


A type of mushroom helping prevent allergies and clean your liver.

Sacha Inchi

Plant protein containing the 9 essential amino acids.

Biter Melon

The answer to being told to eat vitamins by your doctor.


Sounds gross (it’s an algae) but boosts energy and tastes pass-able. Get it in you.


The easiest of proteins to digest, keeping you moving, not shaking.


Helps reduce inflammation, meaning your limbs are lean.